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Samsung Exynos 4210 Perkuat Samsung Galaxy S II

February 16, 2011

Samsung’s Low-power Dual-Core Application Processor Powers Samsung Galaxy S II

BARCELONA–(Korea Newswire) — Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced that its 1GHz, dual-core application processor, Exynos 4210, initially announced as Orion, has been chosen to power Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S II. Designed specifically to meet the high-performance and low-power needs of advanced mobile applications, Exynos 4210 application processor allows device manufacturers to develop products that offer consumers the richest computing experience while on the go.

“We are excited that our new dual-core processor is at the heart of the one of the most exciting new generation smartphones,” said Dojun Rhee, vice president of marketing, System LSI Division, Samsung Electronics. “Exynos 4210 delivers the true value and benefits of dual-core processing. Powerful performance, excellent graphics reproduction and maximized power efficiency are key differentiating features Exynos 4210 brings to the Samsung Galaxy S II.”

Exynos’s 4210 dual-core architecture, five-fold graphics performance enhancement and wide memory bandwidth allow it to address consumer demand for life-like multimedia content delivery with instant, responsive functionality.

“In today’s smartphone market, powerful performance and speedy processing are keys for compelling device. Thanks to Samsung’s Exynos 4210, we can deliver compelling features such as fast web browsing, seamless multi-tasking, supreme graphics quality, and instantly responsive user interface on Samsung Galaxy S II,” said Hyungmoon Noh, vice president of R&D Planning and Global Alliance, Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics.

Samsung’s Exynos 4210 supports advanced multimedia features such as video encoder/decoder that allows consumers to record and playback 1080P full HD resolution images at 30 frames per second.

Exynos 4210 provides a broad range of high speed memory interfaces including low power DDR2, DDR3 and a host of non-volatile memory sources. A variety of codecs are available for a more convenient user environment especially as multimedia sources vary.

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