rini vidi vici @ trash


all garbage on my desk… arggghhhhhh…

Swaahoo S93

isi box:
manual, kartu garansi
charger + kabel data
batre tambahan
charger khusus batre?

spec on box:
2.6 inch QVGA touch screen
260K colors
1.3MP camera, support mp3/mp4, 128 NAND memory
extra large capacity phone book, SMS, call records
hifi sourrounded stereo sound, deep bass vibration effect
dual network, answer by switching freely
support web camera
support internal portable U-disk
handsfree speaker

Filed under: Handphone

4 Responses

  1. Ngurah says:

    Bro,brapa kode untuk master reset swaahoo s93? Thx bwt infonya….

  2. gokimhock says:

    ternyata asik juga make s93 ini. layar sentuhny itu loh…. gak kuku..

  3. harun says:

    gmn dgn setting internet ? Infonya dong.

  4. donaldog says:

    hrs pake star one ?

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