rini vidi vici @ trash


all garbage on my desk… arggghhhhhh…

Swaahoo S880

isi box:
charger + kabel data
batre tambahan
manual + garansi
microsd 1gb

spec on box:
double card, double camera, double standby
3,2 inch 16:9 WQVGA high-def touch screen
double card, double standby, double bluetooth
can receive domestic and overseas tv progs
high power stereo double horn
high-def usb cam
mp3/mp4 real video play
call video / full screen caller
1.3MP camera

Filed under: Handphone

3 Responses

  1. IRWAN says:

    i want setting 3G,can i get the setting in indonesia country

  2. Mbojo says:

    i-mate k-jam sy tiba tiba layarnya blank, kenapa yaa

  3. Adhi says:

    Saya mau tanya cara setting gprs swaahoo s880 gimana ya? Mau internetan susah banget.

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