rini vidi vici @ trash


all garbage on my desk… arggghhhhhh…


Flashing on the corner!

Mio P350
Mio P550
O2 Xda Flame
Gigabyte g-Cam – kamera 7MP
Gigabyte gsmart i300
Gigabyte gsmart i200 – first show up?
Mio A701

Sony Ericsson K220i
Sony Ericsson K200i
Sony Ericsson K810i
Sony Ericsson W200i
Sony Ericsson W610i
Sony Ericsson K550i
Sony Ericsson W880i
Nokia E90 Communicator
Nokia N95
Nokia N76
Nokia 6110 Navigator
Samsung SCH-B600 – kamera 10MP
(another) Samsung Ultra Edition – ada brapa biji sih sebenernya?

Need follow up:
Nokia E65
Nokia E61i
Nokia E62
Nokia E71
Nokia E60
Nokia N93 atau N93i – video

On schedule:

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