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Gosip: Dua PDAphone Baru dari O2

O2 Media Roundtable today supposed to be for introducing O2 Graphite and O2 Xda Zinc that will be launch on the 2nd week of February.

But I’m more interested with O2 Xda Atom Flame and O2 Xda Atom Life that they bring along; I already know Graphite and Xda Zinc from their website. :p

Flame have a very big screen. This one is for everyone who wants a big view for their screen.

Besides the ordinary processor, it has GPU too. [GPU is Graphical Processing Unit, if I’m not wrong :D]. I think the gamers will love it.

Meanwhile, Life is for music lovers. The white one looks feminin. 😀

By the way, O2 will launch totally 5 gadget on 2007; I wish I don’t mis-quote Low Han Thong speech. He talks not so loud. :))

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